I am a visually impaired runner from Ontario who is running a marathon in all the provinces, to date I have managed to not get lost, fall in a pot hole or trip over a curb by running alone. (The only time I have gotten lost was in a 5k run and the funny thing is a dozen other people followed me – only to find we had only ran 4.5 km). After finding out about Achilles I inquired about having a guide for the Queen City Marathon in Regina and was contacted by a Guide – Rob. After corresponding and finding out his finish time was generally sub 3 ½ hrs, he knew he could get me to the finish line under my goal of sub 4 hours. We arrived the day before the race so had little time to meet, but Rob graciously offered to pick us up from the airport and take us to the race expo and our hotel! A stop at Timmies gave us the opportunity to get to know each other! Rob then picked us up in the morning and knew where ideal parking was for the marathon! I finished my marathon in 3:55 ! We both went into this relationship blindly and it turned out to be a fantastic experience and Rob has offered to meet in another province in the future as I complete my bucket list. Thanks to Achilles for creating this service.