St Patricks Achilles Run
We’d like to “Challenge” You and a partner to enter the 20th Anniversary St Patrick’s Day 5km Race in Toronto on Sunday, March 17, 2019 and support LHON Canada!

And to make it more interesting, we’d like to “Challenge” you both to run – one as a “Guide Runner” and one as a “Runner with Partial Site”. We’ll supply you with “Simulator Glasses” that one of you will wear that will simulate “Central Vision Loss”, as if you had LHON and you will run as a team in downtown Toronto. It’s that easy! Sign Up. Lace Up. And have a GREAT TIME supporting this worthwhile organization!

LHON Canada is a “Patient Support Group”. We support individuals and families affected by Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) from coast-to-coast, through a wide range of volunteers. Our community is diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, languages spoken, living situation, and income level. We believe there “is life after vision loss”, and we work to ensure our community has the confidence, skills, and opportunity to fully participate in life.

Oh ya, there’s one other thing!

We’re also asking every Team raise a minimum of $500 to support LHON Canada.

To show our appreciation, each team member will receive:

  • A limited edition LHON Canada “Toque”
  • An LHON Canada “Running Tether”
  • A special LHON Canada “Race Kit”
  • An LHON Canada “Wrist Band”
  • An Achilles Canada 20th Anniversary “Tech Shirt”
  • An Achilles “Neck Warmer”
  • And a fabulous “Finishers Medal”

…and Chilly and Beer after the event
– courtesy Steam Whistle Brewing!!!

It’s only 5 km! What an Amazing Experience you will both share!

All donations of $3.00 or more will receive a tax receipt.


(minus a very small administrative fee we have to cover)